MN meets NYC!!

Mezcal Mano Negra arrived in New York City in October ready to kick off the MN experience at the Spirits of Mexico Festival hosted by Dori Bryant at Agave NYC. Known as one of the oldest, largest and most comprehensive Mexican spirits festival in the US, Spirits of Mexico was an exclusive opportunity for agave enthusiasts from all over to experience Mezcal Mano Negra for the first time.

In a room filled with industry professionals, authors, aficionados and mixologists, Mano Negra left its mark as a rare and authentic brand that offers a unique mezcal experience.
Attendees from around the globe were able to taste and plunge into the world of mezcal with Mano Negra Espadín and Tobalá. Mezcal lovers and agave aficionados learned first hand from MN’s founders Pedro Quintanilla and Tomás Vilchis that MN is a link between the Master Distiller and the people who want to know more about mezcal and the community where it is produced.

MN is a brand that is in search of the most diverse – and pure – expressions of this outstanding spirit, wherever it may be, and this year’s Spirits of Mexico Festival was proof that NYC is ready to embrace and explore the age-old tradition of mezcal.